How do I become a Wealth Accumulator Member, how do I register?
  • Under the TAB Members above, click on Yes, I want to be a Member. 
  • A new page will open. Click on Member Registration and the form will download
  • You can also download the Membership Application form (See Form Downloads under Members TAB above).
  • Complete the form and make sure that all the detail is correct before sending it
  • Fax or email the Membership Registration form after completion. (Email: sales@sawealth.co.za  |  Fax: 035 907 2361).
  • Speak to the person who introduced you to Wealth Accumulator Plan and let them help you with the process.
  • Please follow the registration steps which you will find under How to Register a New Member (Members TAB above).
    Do I need to pay a monthly subscription or membership fee?
  • NO, you only pay once per annum as a Wealth Member or as a Group Leader.
    How much do I need to pay to become a Wealth Accumulator Member?
  • It depends on the plan you have selected. There are 4 Plans to choose from; Intro 100 (R 100), Mini 200 (R 200), Super 500 (R 500) or the Maxi 1000 (R 1000). You can also select more tan one plan or a selection of plans together. (See Membership Registration form)
    I have registered as a Wealth Accumulator Member. What now?
  • Qualify as a Group Leader, register 6 of your friends or family members.  
    How many people is there in one Wealth Accumulator Group?
  • You, plus your 6 friends or family members and each one of them 6 members = 43 in total.
    How much time do I have to get my 6 people, is there a time limit?
  • Yes, 12 months. Remember, the sooner the better! We would like to pay you R 16’340.00 as soon as your last Group member have paid the once off membership fee.
    How many Wealth Accumulator Groups may I register?
  • As many as you like. There are no limitations. 100 Groups could give you R 1’634’000.00 per annum!
    What is the IWA Number?
  • Independent Wealth Accumulator Member Number – It is your unique membership number.
    In the event of my death, what happens with my earnings?
  • It will keep on paying out per annum to your beneficiary as described in your will.
    Is there any age limitations?
  • You must be 16 years and older to register.
    What can my earnings be, how does it work?
  • You can download the 1-2-1 Marketing and ncome page HERE.  
  • Download the Wealth Calculator HERE