Code of Conduct

This CODE OF CONDUCT “The Code” provides principles to which all SA BUSINESS LINK LICENSEES and SA WEALTH ACCUMULATOR Members, Group Leaders, are expected to adhere and advocate. It embodies rules regarding individual responsibilities in dealing with members and/or the general public, with SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH related matters. The principles can be interpreted by these keys:

  • Equal opportunity without regard to race, gender, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation/gender identity or religion.
  • “Give to get” – think of other’s interests first.
  • Accept responsibility for your behaviour.

As part of SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH’s commitment to ensure all act in accordance with our values when they meet and interact with other people with SA BUSINESS LINK and WEALTH related matters, we have developed this Code of Conduct, hereinafter referred to as “The Code”.

  • All community and business networking aspects related to SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH, including this website, as well as participation as a member, as that term is defined in website (“ and”), are subject to this Code of Conduct, including, without limitation, account names, profile content, comments, chat and forum activity, videos, e-mail or private messages, printed media, as well as conduct during general conversations.
  • Violation of this or any part of this Code of Conduct is grounds for the suspension or termination of such membership, access to this website and/or use of the services on this website, in whole or in part, at SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH’s sole discretion, and may not be limited to legal proceedings.

“The Code”: Being a member, you agree to the following:

  • Positively promote SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH to existing and future group members;
  • immediately and truthfully identify yourself as a member to a prospective customer and the nature of SA BUSINESS LINK and the SA WEALTH BUSINESS CONCEPT and purpose for the approach;
  • explain and demonstrate the SA BUSINESS LINK and/or SA WEALTH BUSINESS CONCEPT offered as accurate and complete, in particular with regard to price and only as per the updated and listed terms and conditions within this website;
  • emphasis must be on placing the consumer able to make an informed decision by providing all the relevant details on the product and relevant pricing;
  • respect the lack of commercial experience of consumers;
  • disclose details and limitations of after-sales service;
  • marketing and advertisements shall conform to “The Code”, the code of Marketing and Advertising Practice as laid down by both the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa (DMA) and Advertising Standards Authority of South Africa (ASA).

Being a member, you agree NOT to engage in any of the following, even if they do not constitute a violation of any law:

  • engage in any cash transactions between any member;
  • make any verbal promises that are not backed by SA BUSINESS LINK or SA WEALTH and are not printed in official literature issued by both companies that is representative;
  • send or post any advertisements or promotional literature or mailings which contain any description, claims or illustrations, which directly or by implication are misleading about SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH, the concept or the income opportunity;
  • refer to any testimonial or endorsement which is not authorized, not true, obsolete or otherwise no longer applicable, not related to their offer or used in any way likely to mislead the consumer;
  • replicate, produce, sell or supply without written consent by SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH Head-office any literature, advertisements and/or testimonials;
  • refrain from using comparisons, which are likely to mislead, and which are incompatible with principles of fair competition. Points of comparison shall not be unfairly selected and shall be based on facts, which can be substantiated;
  • defame SA BUSINESS LINK, SA WEALTH, employees, directors and or shareholders of SA BUSINESS LINK or SA WEALTH, and/ or any firm or product directly or by implication;
  • take unfair advantage of the goodwill attached to the trade name and symbol of other organizations or their products;
  • abuse the trust of individual consumers, or exploit a consumer’s age, illness, lack of understanding or lack of language knowledge;
  • post of personal information (names, address, phone number, email, etc.) of another person;
  • impersonate of another individual, or falsely stating or misrepresenting affiliation with a person or entity;
  • create “trolling” posts. (Trolling is deliberately posting false or provocative information in order to elicit responses from people who would not respond if they knew the motivation behind the post);
  • make postings or statements or encouraging others to make postings or statements that are (i) vulgar, obscene, indecent, abusive, threatening bigoted, and/or hateful, and/or (ii) are racially offensive, harassing, disruptive, inflaming, intimidating, libellous, stalking, defaming, and/ or defrauding of any individual, entity, or group on any basis, including but not limited to age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, religion, disability, and/or economic status;
  • post material that advocates illegal activity, or discusses illegal activity with the intent to commit that legal activity;
  • engage in acts that constitute “Flaming”; there is a difference between voicing a legitimate concern or grievance versus simply badmouthing or abusing someone or something. Modify or falsifying the source of any content or information;
  • distribute or disseminating inappropriate, unauthorized or unsolicited advertising or promotional material, including, but not limited to, contests, sweepstakes, barter, junk mail, chain letters, and pyramid schemes;
  • transmit or facilitating the transmission of any unsolicited bulk or commercial email (“Spam”), directly or indirectly, including or creating links or otherwise refer to external sites that violate this Code of Conduct;
  • post content with excessive frequency, that is duplicative, and/or that is inaccurate, such as designating for yourself a category in which you do not belong;
  • attempt to access or search and with any engine, software, tool, agent, device, or mechanism other than by the software or search agents provided by SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH or generally available and industry recognized and approved third party web browsers (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari); or “frame,” “mirror” or otherwise copy any portion of the website without SA BUSINESS LINK or SA WEALTH’s express prior written authorization;
  • flood, overload, or mail bomb any mail service or other part of the services of SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH, or transmitting or transferring any harmful or disruptive viruses, worms, computer code, files, programs, or the equivalent;
  • post or make statements or other material which are deemed inappropriate and/or defaming by SA BUSINESS LINK | SA WEALTH in its sole discretion.
  • SA BUSINESS LINK and SA WEALTH has the right to review any statements or material provided and manufactured by a member, also, the right to communicate to other SABUSINESS LINK | SA WEALTH members the reason/s for suspension or termination of a Membership, Group Leader, Licensee.
  • The applicable products are; BIZLICENSE, Intro 100, Mini 200, Super 500 and Maxi 1000.

Community Enforcement: Notify us at or if you believe this Code of Conduct has been violated.

This Code of Conduct is subject to change at any time in SA BUSINESS LINK or SA WEALTH’s sole discretion by the posting of a revised Code of Conduct. It is your responsibility to be aware of any changes.

 LAST UPDATE: 26 October 2017.