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The main reason why so many people struggle financially is simply because they have never been taught how to create and accumulate wealth.

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Wealth and financial success are learned skills. You can learn to succeed in anything. If you want to be wealthy, you can learn to do it!

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We support those who value financial education.

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The SA Wealth Academy: The SA Wealth Academy was founded in 2019 on the realization that something must be done to empower poor and middle-class people through basic financial education to improve their financial well-being and living standard. By so doing, it is envisaged that this specific client group will be put on a trajectory which will ensure that they accumulate sufficient wealth to lessen their dependency on state support on their retirement.

The focus of the SA Wealth Academy (the Academy) is to provide hands-on financial education to persons who want to improve their Financial IQ.

Training start with basic financial education, which lays the foundation for understanding money and how money flows in an effort to put clients on their journey of personal wealth creation. Basic training will be followed by more advanced training on certain topics, as determined by the needs of clients.    


Marius paulse

Marius is the owner of The SA Wealth Academy. He has over 25 years education experience. During this time he has been a lecturer, manager, college principal and senior manager at the Department of Agriculture in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

His interest in effective financial life skills education stems from the lack of such education being provided to himself and his own children through their schooling. A thorough investigation of the marketplace revealed no proactive education-based provider helping parents and individuals who want to develop the financial literacy of themselves and their children.  

Marius believes young people want to learn about wealth, parents and employers want their children and young employees to learn to be financially capable and many providers in the financial service industry want to provide a more comprehensive service to their valuable clients.  


To elevate the financial well-being of poor and middle-class people.


The main client group(s) of the SA Wealth Academy will primarily come from the poor and middle-income groups of the broader community who have the desire to improve their financial skills through informal education and training.


 The SA Wealth Academy will provide modular training on a variety of topics on a “user pay” basis as per the course outline. At the end of the training, students should have developed the skills and mind-set to put them on their way to financial freedom. Students will be taught how to manage money confidently, understands how money works, how they can bring money into their life, how to keep it in their life and how to grow money.

Training will be provided on both a group and individual basis. A personal coaching and mentoring service will also be provided to those who have attended and completed the training courses.     


Basic Financial Literacy

Money 101 is the basic financial literacy course on offer. This is a step-by-step training course teaching you the why, the who, the what, the when and the how of achieving financial freedom and creating abundant wealth. The focus will be on developing and mastering the relevant skills - easily and effortlessly. Duration – 9 modules of 2-2½ hours each. At the end of the training, YOU SHOULD HAVE THE REQUIRED SKILLS AND MIND-SET to put you on your way to financial freedom, where money flows even when you are not there to tend to it.
i. You will be confident with your money management,

ii. You will have control of your own financial well-being, and

iii. You’ll understand how money works,

iv. How to bring money into your life,

v. How to keep money in your life, and

vi. How to make money grow!

Money Master Classes

More advanced training will be offered to those who want to hone their skills on various topics including (but not limited to):
i. Wealth creating tools.

ii. Wealth planning.

iii. Investments, etc.


  • Hugh Mulder

“Thank you Marius for empowering us on our way to financial freedom. God bless you. Thank you for investing in us. We are already planting our seeds.”

  • Jerry and Elaine Davids

“Good day Marius. Thanks once again for a clear and understandable presentation of the course. You definitely engaged on everybody’s level, thus ensuring that participation and understanding. I am of the opinion that each participant have done introspection by now and will be equipped to apply the knowledge and skills acquired to become financially free and sustain a wealthy lifestyle”

  • Kauthar Allie

”I cannot express evert gratitude to you Marius for all the insight and knowledge you have provided us with. As a young, starting entrepreneur, your course could not have come at a better time for me. I wish you great success with your new venture. I see this as your means of giving back to our community. God bless”.

  • Christina Hugh

“The training is indeed an asset. Thanks so much. God bless.”

  • Warren and Gail Esau

“We can’t really express in words the contribution you’ve made with this training session towards our family’s financial future and freedom, but we thank you and your wife from the bottom of our hearts and wish you all of the best and God’s favor with all your future endeavors.”

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